I provide coaching and mentoring to advocates, change-makers, and leaders.


I work with those who want to change the world, helping them to establish or deepen their careers in the international sector.


And I work with those who seek to change their worlds, to develop clarity, connection, and confidence.


I love coaching and mentoring those seeking to establish or deepen their careers in the international sector, and nurturing leaders, change-makers and advocates.

I’m passionate about helping inspiring people progressing in modern global careers, particularly in international sectors such as human rights, advocacy, international law and international affairs.

I work with those wanting to develop clarity, connection, and confidence in their professional and personal lives, helping current, emerging, and aspiring leaders to develop their full potential.

I help clients with personal and professional development and growth, including “empowering women”, “playing big” and finding your true calling, and boundary-setting for kind people, as well as professional development and leadership, and career advancement.

I also work with clients to write cover letters, CVs, online job applications (including through Inspira) and preparing for job interviews, with a great success rate for helping people get their foot in the door.

My clients range in levels of experience and leadership, from aspiring and emerging world-changers finishing university or undertaking internships, or those shifting careers or returning to the workplace after a career break, to high level UN experts or individual ‘thought leaders’, and managers and directors of non-profit and for-profit organisations.

I offer one-on-one sessions and group clinics, in-person and online, as well as training courses, webinars, and online resources.

I have trained as a leadership / personal development / professional (career & executive) coach and completed two coaching facilitators’ training programs: the ‘Playing Big Facilitator’s Training’, and ‘Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach and Facilitators Training’.

I am a certified ‘Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach & Facilitator’, and certified ‘Playing Big Coach & Facilitator’.


One-on-one Coaching

Start your one-on-one coaching with me via a free 30 minute intro session.

Group Coaching Clinics

Information about group coaching sessions will be added here soon!


Online learning programs such as “How to Stand Up for Human Rights” combine substantive learning with coaching-style advice.

Plans and Pricing


I offer one-on-one sessions and group clinics, in-person and online, as well as training courses, webinars, and online resources.

It’s easy to book a session with me — just go straight to my calendar and make a time that suits you.

Your first introductory call (30 mins) is free, and then 1-on-1 sessions start at 175 CHF per hour, with discounts for packages.

All the info about the packages I offer in available on the booking page. 


Claire is an incredible coach. She has a lot of experience in the Geneva scene and you can sense it since the beginning. I have been drafting the same cover letter for 3 years, and with the coaching with her I completed changed the way of writing a cover letter. Her tips and advices made it way much easier than it seems. She guides you on how to read an application, how to present yourself among other very valuable things. Thank you very much Claire for your support! Luke Chapman

A life changing rookie experience! Claire gave me an opportunity to learn and participate in international Geneva. She truly mentored me, persuasively opened my mind and thinking to new perspectives. What she taught and inspired in me, became the catalyst for my new international career

Claire identified all I had been thinking – for the past two years – into palatable words! I learned the direction I need to now take and the vital steps in achieving this career goal.

Her understanding and way of looking forward during our discussion energised me to continue my efforts.

I look forward to booking another session with her in future. Thank you Claire! Luke Chapman

No-nonsense advice with heart! Claire has a rare skill: she’s able to care deeply and share a lot of empathy while providing clear, insightful advice. It’s always so great to talk things through with her and get her thoughts on complicated situations!


Claire is a talented human rights advocate with amazing experience to share. Claire opened up the world of human rights for me by giving me the space to pursue research interests and showing me the ropes of the United Nations. As a result of Claire’s encouragement I followed my passion and gained a masters in human rights law from the university of Essex. I have been working in the human rights field ever since. Claire’s advice comes from real world experience; she is honest, she is encouraging and she’s always there when you need her for career advice, assistance with projects and as a friend. She provides all this support with a great sense of humour and a smile on her face.  I am confident that with out Claire’s continuous support, guidance and encouragement I would not be where I am today. I look froward to continuing to work with Claire and the Global Human Rights Group in the future.

Luke Chapman

hmm, I don’t know who Luke Chapman is and he certainly didn’t write these testimonials! You can see for yourself who actually wrote them here. Sigh. There’s something wrong with my website behind-the-scenes settings that is not letting me change the name field here … so for now, Luke and his beautiful words stay! Thanks Luke, whoever you are!

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