Claire Mahon - Consulting & Advising

I work as an independent human rights law consultant and advisor to world leaders, United Nations human rights experts, Non-Governmental Organisations, National Human Rights Institutions, United Nations agencies, international organisations, academia and governments.

I also work in collaboration with a team of colleagues at the Global Human Rights Consultants, and with other trusted colleagues when the opportunity arises.



For Non-Governmental Organisations and National Human Rights Institutions


The work that I do for NGOs and NHRIs is diverse. In the past I have:

  • acted as a representative for NGOs and NHRIs to present information on their behalf to the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies or the Human Rights Council
  • facilitated campaigning and strategic planning workshops
  • trained human rights defenders through NGO and NHRI workshops
  • researched and written reports
  • developed advocacy tools
  • developed training materials
  • conducted fact-finding and field missions

I have worked on issues such as women’s rights, children’s rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, rights of older persons, torture, discrimination, housing rights, right to food, rights to water and sanitation, right to education, right to health, business and human rights, protection of civil society and freedom of expression and opinion, freedom of association, countering terrorism, refugee rights, and others.

I have worked with NGOs and NHRIs in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, North America, and South America.


For the United Nations and UN experts


I have undertaken a number of consultancies for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), both at country level and in head office.

I have also worked with UN experts in preparing strategies for their mandates, researching and writing background papers and their reports to the United Nations Human Rights Council and General Assembly, and developing guidelines and other soft law instruments.


For governments and diplomats


For governments I have:

  • anaylsed implementation of human rights standards
  • made assessments on progress towards compliance for membership of regional organisations (such as the European Union)
  • given advice on human rights based approaches to budgeting
  • drafted briefing materials for diplomats
  • trained diplomats
  • advised on drafting legislation
  • advised on the drafting of international treaties & conventions
  • advised government representatives both in capital and at UN forums


For academic institutions

For academic institutions I have:

  • researched and written policy documents
  • researched and written legal analyses
  • organised expert meetings, workshops and conferences
  • contributed to edited collections (books)
  • written peer review journal articles
  • acted as a peer reviewer
  • edited peer review journals for Oxford University Press
  • written opinion editorial pieces
  • edited monographs, edited collections, journal articles for academic and expert authors
  • developed and taught continuing education training programs
  • developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses

Clients have included: