I just had a great session with a client and was reminded how hard it is to get that first foot in the door after endless internships and short-term consultancies. It’s so frustrating when others keep telling you your applications look great yet you keep just missing out on getting the job!

One thing that helps if you are job searching is to ensure you are doing absolutely everything to make your CV stand out –┬áthe more professional the better!

By updating the format of your CV you can easily project your image as someone with their “fingers on the pulse”.

If you’re like me, your CV looks like a clean, nicely laid out Word document, but unfortunately, we’re out of style! The format of CVs has changed dramatically in the last few years with the updates to the templates in Word and the ease of using free online graphic design tools like Canva.

Check out the example below of what most of our CVs currently look like, versus what they could/should look like if we want to make it to the top of the pile of applications!

If you want hints and advice on how to make your CV stand out from the pile, and how to move from the cycle of internships to getting that paid job, book a free session with me.


Image credit: http://graphicdesignjunction.com/2015/11/free-cv-resume-templates-psd/