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What people have said about doing coaching with me.

Claire is an incredible coach. She has a lot of experience in the Geneva scene and you can sense it since the beginning. I have been drafting the same cover letter for 3 years, and with the coaching with her I completed changed the way of writing a cover letter. Her tips and advices made it way much easier than it seems. She guides you on how to read an application, how to present yourself among other very valuable things. Thank you very much Claire for your support!

Claire gave me an opportunity to learn and participate in international Geneva. She truly mentored me, persuasively opened my mind and thinking to new perspectives. What she taught and inspired in me, became the catalyst for my new international career

Claire identified all I had been thinking – for the past two years – into palatable words! I learned the direction I need to now take and the vital steps in achieving this career goal.

Her understanding and way of looking forward during our discussion energised me to continue my efforts.

I look forward to booking another session with her in future. Thank you Claire!

Claire has a rare skill: she’s able to care deeply and share a lot of empathy while providing clear, insightful advice. It’s always so great to talk things through with her and get her thoughts on complicated situations!

Claire opened up the world of human rights for me by giving me the space to pursue research interests and showing me the ropes of the United Nations. As a result of Claire’s encouragement I followed my passion and gained a masters in human rights law from the university of Essex. I have been working in the human rights field ever since. Claire’s advice comes from real world experience; she is honest, she is encouraging and she’s always there when you need her for career advice, assistance with projects and as a friend. She provides all this support with a great sense of humour and a smile on her face.  I am confident that with out Claire’s continuous support, guidance and encouragement I would not be where I am today. I look froward to continuing to work with Claire and the Global Human Rights Group in the future.