A colleague in the group What if taking care of yourself helped you make a bigger difference? kindly shared this with me the other day:

“I finally caught up with this podcast from Change Making Women on a long drive last week and was fascinated to here about Claire’s work, but also about the circle of women she has in her life who she turns to when she needs focus and motivation, but also ‘downtime’.”

“You can hear more from Claire Mahon, in discussion with Mary Ann Clements at https://soundcloud.com/…/replay-using-human-rights-to-make-….”

I feel such support and community from my real-life friends, as well as so many of my FB friends who live on my screen until we meet in person, my work team, and the fellow members of groups that sustain me (including and especially the Healthy Boundaries For Kind People cohort, fellow ATLAS women, the non-profit ED unicorns, Jijaze, etc).

And most importantly, my Patreon supporters who literally keep me alive with their support big and small.

To all of them — 🙏🏻 THANK YOU.

What about you? Who’s in your support circle, and how do they help you look after yourself?