The first Global Human Rights Group Monthly Discussion Hour for 2018 is on a topic that may be of interest to many change-makers out there. We are going to be joined by Randi Buckley, to talk about healthy boundaries for human rights defenders and social justice advocates.

Why healthy boundaries? As human rights defenders and social justice advocates the work of changing the world never stops! And we’re not usually the kind of people who like to say no. But how do we balance this neverending need, and the often difficult discussions regarding sensitive subjects, with a healthy dose of ensuring we are not disempowering others by taking on too much ourselves, or saying yes so many times we end up resentful, drained, and disenchanted? Cultivating healthy boundaries can not only help us to look after ourselves (essential for keeping motivated when doing human rights work), but also provide us with tools and frameworks for being better at our work.

In this GHRG Monthly Discussion Hour, we’re going to discuss why healthy boundaries are relevant to our human rights work, the importance of ensuring healthy boundaries when standing up for human rights and advocating for social justice, and some tips for implementing healthy boundaries in your human rights work and life. We’re also going to answer any questions about boundaries that you may have.

When: Thursday 25 January @ 21h Central Europe / 8pm GMT / 12 noon US Pacific / 3 pm US Eastern / 7am Australian Eastern / 9am NZ


What: an interactive discussion about implementing healthy boundaries in your human rights and social justice work

Who: Randi is an expert coach and thought-leader on boundaries, and Healthy Boundaries for Kind People in particular.

The GHRG’s Monthly Discussion Hours are free to join. Bring a cup of tea or coffee, any questions you have, some areas you need help on, and together we’ll discuss how healthy boundaries are an invaluable tool for you as a human rights defender and social justice advocate.

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Find out more about Randi and her upcoming program on Healthy Boundaries here*:

If you would like to submit a question for Randi before the live session, register now and add your question to the Crowdcast Chat.

*If you would like to take the full course being offered by Randi, which includes (if numbers make it feasible) a small group specifically for human rights defenders and social justice advocates, and you use this link to purchase the program, the GHRG will benefit by receiving a small percentage of your course fee — win, win!